Best Types of Interior & Exterior Paint Primers in Manhattan, NYC; Stain Blocking, Oil Based, Drywall, Bonding & More

Before you get ready to start your next paint job, it is important to know whether or not you need to use a primer. There are some jobs that require them and others you can get away with skipping a coat of primer. New York Painting Services would like to talk all about the different types of primers available to you and when you should use them.

What is a Primer Paint?

Many of us have probably used primer before, because we are told we should. But do you really understand why experts say you should use it? Primer is a preparatory coat of paint that is applied before the paint you have chosen for your home. This coat of paint helps the paint you have chosen adhere to the walls better. It will increase the longevity of your paint in the long run. It also helps the paint finish beautifully as well as add a layer of protection to your paint. There are several kinds of primers.

Stain Blocking Primer

If your walls have received damage and have unsightly stains on them, before you paint over them you need to use a stain blocking primer. A few instances that require a stain blocking primer include:
• Smoke Stains
• Water Damage
• Crayon Markings
• Grease Stains
• Dramatic Change in Color (especially dark to light)
You don’t want anything to bleed through and still be visible when you are finished painting. It is worth investing the money and time into a stain blocking primer.

Oil Based Paint Primer for Wood

By in large, an oil based primer works best for wooden surfaces. Wood soaks up paint and makes it a surface that is difficult to get even coverage on. Oil based primers take a long time to dry, usually 24 hours, but the end result is hard to beat. The long drying period gives the wood plenty of time to soak up the primer and prepare for the final coat of paint. There are other latex primers that have been developed and dry faster, and will also work great.

Drywall Primer

If this is the first time painting new walls, a drywall primer is a must. Drywall soaks up paint in no time and a primer will save you a lot of time and give you an even finish. The primer will be less costly than several layers of latex paint needed to get the same result.

Bonding Primer for Glossy Surfaces

If you are painting a slick surface, the use of a bonding primer will help your paint adhere to the surface you are painting much easier. This would include tile surfaces, plastics, or high gloss finishes.

Multi Purpose Paint Primers

These might sound great in theory, but be aware that they may not be the best fit for your project. Make sure you read the label thoroughly before buying and see the type of project you are wanting to accomplish listed on the can to ensure you getting the right primer for the job.

Paint and Primer in One

Much like multi-purpose primers, you should always read the label before buying this product. This is a new product that can be a real time saver. Sometimes, it may be worth the time to use traditional primers if you are worried about the finish being less than desirable. If you are working with an already painted surface, this is a good fit for you.

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