How Can Your Baby Benefit from a Hand Painted Mural in Their Nursery in Manhattan, NY; Importance of Art in Child Development

As you make plans for your little bundle to enter the world, a calming space for them to sleep is high on the list. Planning a nursery can be fun and exciting. It can also be overwhelming with all of the different options available to you. This is where your child will be spending a large amount of time, and you want it to be just perfect. How important is the room your child will sleep in? New York Painting Services is here to talk about designing a nursery and how a customized wall mural may be the right choice for you.

Hand Painted Wall Murals Are a Way to Customize Your Baby’s Nursery Room

When you have finally decided on the perfect name for your baby, it is fun to add that personalized touch in their nursery. What better way to add a personalized touch than to create a beautiful mural specific to your wants and desires for you baby. It is a way to personalize the space as well as bring your favorite childhood story to life in your baby’s nursery. You may want to create a mural that showcases your favorite animal as a theme for your baby’s room. The possibilities are endless with this unique design choice perfect for your baby.

A Wall Mural Adds Style and Design

Not only is a wall mural a great way to customize any nursery, but it can add style and design to a room. It can carry out any theme you might be looking for and be the starting point for designing the room. It can give the nursery a feeling of positivity while it can also be very moving and beautiful. This is the perfect statement piece to any room.

Importance of Art in Child Development

Studies have shown that children that use both hemispheres of their brain are more successful throughout their lives. There have been studies that show a connection between a child’s involvement exposure to creative art and the amount of success they will achieve in life. Art helps strengthen the right hemisphere of the brain and helps the two hemispheres work together to achieve more. When children are surrounded by art at a young age, the right side of their brain that is responsible for creative thinking, gets the exercise it needs to be strong and equally as active as the left side of the brain. What better way to expose your baby to art than to have a wall dedicated to it in their nursery?

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Welcoming a new baby is one of the most joyous experiences many people have in their lives. Creating the perfect nursery is one way you can celebrate this little life you have brought into this world. New York Painting Services can help you pin down the right colors for your baby’s room as well as create a beautiful wall mural to make your baby’s nursery a place where the whole family loves to spend their time. Call us today!

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