Popular Fall Interior Paint & Home Decor Color Trends in White Plains, NY; Sophisticated Pink, Light Yellow & Sage Greens

With the chilly weather fast approaching, the leaves falling and the promise of pumpkin pie in the air now may be the perfect time to update your paint color schemes for fall. If you are expecting guests for the holidays and want to brighten and enhance the beauty of your home it’s certainly not too late. The experts at New York Painting Services can recommend a fall color palette that will fit into any style home. Some of the most popular colors trending for 2016 are tones of pink, yellow and green. These colors can work with both antique and modern fixtures and can make the room feel warm, welcoming and comfortable.

Popular Interior Fall Paint Color Trends for 2016

Sophisticated Pink Paint Colors for Bedrooms & Other Rooms: Pink is a color that works extraordinarily well in living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and entry ways. Shades of pink can provide a versatile color palette, for example a soft tone of pink can balance a white and black color scheme and give artwork framed in black a touch of elegance. If you have furnishings that are inspired by the art-deco design of the 1920 & 1930’s, you can also mix pink with white and gold frames and decorative end tables. If you are interested in a more contemporary look that centers on furniture and accessories in shades of green, choose a shade of pink that that has blush undertones. Pink walls will bring out pairings in paintings, fixtures and accessories that are bright and vibrant. Subtle pinks with coral and beige undertones work well in guest bedrooms with bold accessories to add depth and dimension to the room.
Yellow Paint Colors for Kitchens & Living Rooms: Yellow works perfectly in entryways, especially when paired with a white molding to add a feeling of warmth and elegance when entering the home. A popular decorating trend this season is to match yellow walls with geometric patterns in stenciled furnishings and accessories such as throw pillows and rugs for a modern look. For a room filled with black and white furniture, yellow walls will add a dramatic feel to the room. Choose softer yellow tones when pairing whitewashed furnishings and shades of grey accents for a room that is inspired by the French county to give the space a rustic feel that looks both clean and bright. Yellow with a citrus chartreuse base will add warmth and depth, and works well in breakfast areas when mixed with neutrals. Chartreuse also works well with formal dining rooms that have shades of plum and burgundy.
Green Paint Colors for Bedrooms & Living Rooms: If you have a passion for neutral furnishings and accessories, you might want to consider painting your walls green. Tones of green including olive and avocado work wonderfully in bedrooms as they help to promote a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation. Green is a color that is extremely versatile and can enhance tones of pink and blue all the way to shades of orange and yellow both of which can be put to great use in bedding, upholstered furniture and accessories such as pillows and other soft furnishings. Whether you have a home that is inspired by French county, art deco, modern or traditional, there is a shade of green that can be paired perfectly in your home. A popular shade in 2016 is army green that can be layered with neutral colored accessories and furnishings.

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