Wall & Ceiling Damage in your Manhattan NY Home? You Need Sheetrock & Drywall Repair Before Interior House Painting!

Treating the interior of your home to a new coat of paint can be exciting and give your home a bright new look just before spring arrives. Painting the interior of your home can become quite a big job to take on your own, especially if you have never done it before and do not have all of the proper tools that are required to get the job done properly. One common problem that homeowners run into when tackling this task on their own is drywall damage. Drywall damage can easily be repaired by a professional, but when an inexperienced do it yourselfer attempts to repair the drywall, more damage is done that repair.

A Professional Can Repair Nail Pops, Holes, Gashes & Dents in Your Drywall

The benefits of hiring a professional to repair your drywall are endless. Many homes experience the occasional small nail pop or dent in drywall; and sometimes large gauges and holes. A professional has the appropriate tools, skills and experience to repair this problem before applying a new coat of paint. A professional from New York Painting Services will not only perfectly paint the interior of your home, but repair any drywall during the process. The surface of your drywall will be sanded smoothly and any holes or dents will be properly filled to match the surface of the wall. Taking this task on by yourself will often result in an uneven surface that will become even more obvious after it has been painted. Hire New York Painting Services to repair your drywall and leave your walls looking like new.

How to Repair & Patch Large Holes in Drywall

Large holes can be punched through your drywall quite easily. This can happen from a door knob, heavy objects that have fallen into the wall, indoor sports accident or a fist being punched through the wall. This type of drywall damage can differ making it difficult to repair on your own. Some drywall holes are so big that the job may require an entire new sheet of drywall being installed. This is far too big of a job to take on by yourself, especially if you have no previous experience installing drywall. There are special tools required to properly cut, measure and install drywall into your home that most people do not have just lying around in their garage. The best way to repair drywall in your home and prepare your walls for an interior paint job is to hire New York Painting Services to get the job done right. You will not have to worry about purchasing new tools that you do not have or learning a new skill.

New York Painting Services is your number one choice for drywall repair and house painting in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York.

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