Tips for Interior Painting After Removing Wallpaper in Bronxville New York; Hire a Professional Painter & Protect Surfaces

When homeowners decide to remove wallpaper from their home it is usually due to the wallpaper being out dated, faded, old or clashing with the current décor that is in the home. Another reason to remove wallpaper from your home is to prepare for a fresh coat of paint. Removing wallpaper is a big job, especially if it is from more than one room. Wallpaper can be extremely frustrating to remove for those who have no experience or for those do not have the proper tools to do so. There are a handful of tips to consider when taking on the job of removing wallpaper from your home.

Hire a Professional for Wallpaper Removal

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when planning to remove wallpaper is the great deal of time and energy that this job requires. Removing wallpaper from your home is a messy, time consuming and tedious task that requires a great deal of preparation. Experts suggest giving you an entire week to get the job done properly. Obviously the best way to remove wallpaper from the walls of your home is to hire a professional. New York Painting Services will remove the wallpaper off of your walls and allow you to be worry free about the time and energy it would have taken you to complete the task on your own.

Protect Floors & Furniture When Removing Wallpaper

If you do decide to go ahead and take on the task, it is important to protect and cover your floors and anything else that has the potential to get dirty while you are working on the job. Everything in the area that you are working is going to get very sticky and very wet, so it is important to cover furniture, carpet, rugs and anything else you want not to get destroyed. Glue and water are going to run down your walls as you remove the wallpaper, and you do not want those seeping into the fibers of your carpet.

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Metal spatulas or putty knives are both great tools to purchase if you are going to remove your wallpaper on your own. Make sure that you are not too aggressive with your scraper or you can damage your wall by putting a gouge in the drywall. If you want the wallpaper completely removed from your walls, and a smooth surface left behind that is ready for a new coat of paint, contact New York Painting Services today. New York Painting Services is skilled and experienced when it comes to removing wallpaper from the walls of your home.

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