Unique Interior Paint Color Schemes & Combinations in Scarsdale, NY; Purple, Orange & More

Your home is an extension of your personality, a place to retreat to spend quality time with family and friends, to entertain, spend alone time and relax. If you are considering updating your homes interior with a new coat of paint you may want to think outside your safety zone and try something new. According to the knowledgeable experts at New York Painting Services, homeowners can experiment with paint colors that are less conventional than the more traditional shades of white, blue, neutral and gray to create a space they can truly call their own. Pick up a decorating magazine and chances are you will find four of the most underrated interior paint colors recommended by interior designers and decorating experts somewhere in between the glossy pages. From deep purples, vibrant yellows, rich greens and orange you will find a shade to highlight all manner of decorating styles from modern to traditional and more.

Unique Interior Paint Colors

Purple: Purple is one of those fascinating colors that you will either love or hate. Still, it is important to remember that purple is also a flexible color that is available in literally hundreds of different shades and nuances. For example, violet shades work especially well in bedrooms to give the room a touch of tranquility while lavender on the other hand is a refreshing shade which can be used on walls or even crown molding for a more subtle effect.
Yellow: Traditionally speaking, yellow is a color that makes you feel happy. Interior designs in particular love the color yellow because it is so adaptable, in fact depending on the shade it can be bold, and is a great choice for accent walls to add just a splash of vibrant color to your space. Deeper shades of yellow for example pair well with gray for a cheerful play of color that is also subtle.
Green: Green is one of the most underrated colors when it comes to your interior walls, in fact green is often thought of as an extension of the color blue rather than a color of its own. Green denotes a feeling of restfulness and healing and is a color that that can be matched with a wide range of decorator styles from soft light shades of green to darker bold shades and everything in between.
Orange: When you think of the color orange you probably think of sunshine and orange juice. Instead, think of a deeper more luxurious shade such as burnt orange or pumpkin. Burnt orange is a rich shade that pairs well with molten yellows and mossy greens and is the perfect choice for larger spaces or accent walls. If you want to create a welcoming atmosphere that is also cozy consider painting your living area or dining room a burnt orange.

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Don’t be afraid to incorporate these four colors into your home’s interior. If you are interested in stepping out of your comfort zone but unsure how to achieve the look that you desire, the professional interior painting design team at New York Painting Services are available to assist you. For more information regarding residential interior painting services for your New York home, contact the knowledgeable experts at New York Painting Services today!

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