Monochromatic, Analogous & Complementary Paint Color Wheel Scheme Theory in Larchmont, NY

When you are looking to redecorate your home one aspect that you want to take time in choosing if the paint colors. The colors that you choose to have in your home make the ambiance of the room up. You want to make sure that what you choose is going to give off the feel that you want as well as go with the décor that you choose as well. Some people are scared of color and choose to go with a very neutral color that includes grey, tan and white. These are all great options that can leave you open to decorate how you want. They are always a very traditional option that goes great with homes that are being decorated in modern, traditional or even contemporary looks. The problem can be that it leaves you wanting more and wanting to show off more of your personal wants. That is why using color in your home doesn’t have to be scary but can be quite fun when it is done right.

New York Painting Services Lists The Best Way to Use Colors From the Color Wheel to Make a Statement

Monochromatic: This is a very common use of the color wheel when choosing a paint color for your home. When you decide on using a monochromatic color scheme the first step is to pick the main color. This can be used with any color at all because of the way that you choose the colors that will go with it. If you are feeling a bit uneasy about using bold and bright colors this is a great way to go. You choose an easy base color that you are comfortable with. Then you use colors that are tints and shades that are only a few up or down from that main color to add accents to the home or room. You don’t have to go with a color that is calm and neutral but a color that is bolder that you have been wanting to try. The great thing is that the colors are all in the same family so there is not a huge gap from one to the next.
Analogous: This is the next type of the color option that you can go with. The method is similar to the monochromatic scheme but in a different way. You want to go with a color that you choose as your main choice. After you have chosen that color you get to branch off the color wheel to the color that is either side of it. If you choose green as your main color you can use blue greens which come from one side or yellow green that comes from the other. Don’t be afraid to play with the shade of the colors that you choose. One of the accent colors can be brighter while other can be shade or two lighter.
Complementary Colors: This is a method that many people are scared to try but they go great together. You are using a drastic color change from one to the next. You choose a main color and the color that will compliment it will be directly opposite on the color wheel.

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