Should I Hire a Painter for Exterior Painting in Manhattan, NY or Do It Myself? Questions to Ask Contractors

Are you thinking about having the exterior of your home painted? There are questions you should ask to make sure you hire a professional company. This will ensure you get the most bang for your buck with beautiful results! Asking the right questions will allow you to weed out unquantified and inexperienced companies that try and have you thinking they’re professionals.

Questions to Ask an Exterior Home Painter

1. Do you have insurance? Any company you’re considering should have two kind of insurance, Workmen’s Compensation and Comprehensive Business Liability. One protects the workers in the event they are injured on your property and the other protects you home from any damage caused by the workers during the job.
2. Do you use sub-contractors? The company you hire should not use sub-contractors. Many times, these sub-contractors aren’t skilled. These companies might offer low costs and this might be a red flag.
3. Which products are use and why? Many paining companies will use one store or brand of paint. Ask why and if they aren’t willing to change. You need to wonder if they have a back-up plan. Any reputable company will have very good reasons for using the paint they do, so find out.
4. Should the paint be sprayed on or brushed on? Is one method better than the other? Both have their pros and cons. Spraying the paint only requires on coat, so it will be faster and it gets into all the tight spots. It also leaves the paint free of brush strokes but it needs more prep time can have poor adhesion or coverage that is uneven. When paint is brushed on there is more control, good adhesion and more cohesive coverage. Brushing will take longer, needs more than one coat and you might have brush strokes in the paint. The company you choose should have good reasons for choosing one over the other.
5. Are there colors that will fade faster than others? Bright colors like blues, reds and yellows will fade faster as they are more vulnerable to UV radiation. Colors in the tan, beige or brown family will last longer.
6. Is there a warranty? You should always choose a company that offers a guarantee of the work preformed that is given to you in writing. Most exterior paint jobs should last for 5-10 years. If you’ve chosen a company that used a premium-grade paint you should expect it to last for about 10 years. Better prep work will make it last longer along with the upkeep by the homeowner and weather conditions.

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Any professional company will have no problem providing you with referrals from previous customers. It’s good to talk to previous customers to get some insight on how the company works and what to expect. Choose a company that has lots of customers willing to vouch for them and try and choose a company that has been in business for at least five years. This is good sign that they have established a good following. New York Painting Services offers professionalism and quality that can’t be beat from the start to finish of any project. Give us a call today!

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