Painting Exterior Weathered Wood to Restore it in Manhattan, NY; Scraping, Sanding, Caulking, Pressure Washing & More

Many folks have various structures in the yard that might have been neglected over time such as playhouses, children’s swing sets, lawn maintenance storage sheds and other similar outdoor structures. Wanting to revitalize the structure isn’t as difficult as you might suppose, even a 130 year old barn can be given a youthful face lift! We at New York Painting Services would like to share the steps you can do to make your weathered structure beautiful again.

Painting Exterior Weathered Wood to Restore it

1) Sanding, Scraping & Wall Preparation Before Painting. When you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to busy, you are going to want to begin with the prep work. Older wood needs a little more TLC. To remove paint from exceptionally older wood, it is optimal to use a paint scraper, and younger wood can be hit with sanding. If the paint is fairly old, keep in mind it could contain lead and caution is advised. Wet rot concerning wood is wood that is damp, decaying and soft. Dry rot is wood that is brittle and dry. As you remove the paint, take note of the wet rot or dry rot, these sections will need to be replaced. Larger areas may have to be completely removed and replaced with sections of lap siding. If any wood is exceedingly cracked, warped or twisted, they too should be replaced.
2) Sanding & Wire Brushing. Following the paint scraping of the old wood off and the excessively damaged wood, you will need to begin the next gruesome task of sanding and brushing. An electric sander can make it easy work and a wire brush is helpful. With your tools the loose fibers can make easy work of them, along with any old paint left behind. Never skip the sanding it removes the rough on the wood and it helps remove the junk to help improve the longevity of your outdoor structure.
3) Apply Caulk Smoothly. Caulk needs to be applied where necessary and it can prevent water seepage. Invest in a high quality acrylic caulk and apply it to corner joints, seams and trims around doors and windows. Not only can caulk help protect the wood, the overall look well help sharpen the appearance.
4) Pressure Washing. Using a pressurized nozzle attachment for the hose, wash the exterior surface down to and remove dirt, mud, sanding shavings, and other debris. It can’t be too clean. Any spots and stains that are more stubborn need a good brush in those areas.
5) Applying Primer & Painting. Might be tempting to skip the primer, but don’t give in. Primer helps protect the wood, and enriches the paint job. Oil based primer is recommended with two applications, as well as two coats of exterior paint that is formulated for climate in your area.

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