Need to Pressure Wash a Vinyl Siding, Brick or Other House in Rye, NY Before Painting

After a long hot summer, the cooler weather is a great relief for most people. The heat and sun along with lots of outdoor activities have brought on a ton of debris and dirt to your home. If you think that your homes exterior is starting to look a little dingy and dirty it is. The dirt and debris will start to cake on the sides of the house and unless it is cleaned off it will stay there. The dirt can actually cause damage to your home’s paint and siding or stucco. It would take you all day to come out and clean your homes exterior by hand and you probably wouldn’t be able to do a very good job. The best thing you can do is to have someone come pressure wash the exterior of your home.

New York Painting Services Lists Areas You Can Have Pressured Washed After the Long Summer Season

Pressure Wash House: One of the main areas that are a concern for people is the exterior of the house. Whether you have wood, siding or stucco, the dirt and debris that floats around will start to stick to it. Add that to the moisture from a humid day and it will start to cake on. The paint that is on the home is able to withstand quite a bit but if you allow dirt, calcium and other sediment to stay and build up it can start to wear out the paint. That is why this is a great place to have pressure washed. The amount of dirt that can be sticking to your homes exterior could shock you. When we come out we can use their specialized equipment to spray all the dirt off in sections. The removal of the dirt will not only increase the curb appeal of your home but increase the lifespan as well.
Power Wash Walkways: The other area that tends to suffer from the everyday life of a busy summer are your walkways. It seems like the kids come in and out of the house, ride their bikes and scooters on the walkways leaving dirt, debris and tracks on the concrete. The walkways are important to have cleared from the dirt so it is not an eyesore and is not a potential hazard. The hazards could also be spiders, insects and other pests hiding in the debris. You want to have this area cleared and cleaned by a pressure washer to start off the new fall season.
Cleaning Driveway: An area that you want to have pressure washed is the driveway. You are using it to drive your vehicle up and down and any drips from the car can leave spots on the drive. The drive is often the first thing that people see when they pull up so it is important to have it cleaned on a regular basis.

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