How to Prep, Sand, Clean, Redo & Refinish Kitchen Cabinets With Stain or Paint in Larchmont, NY

One of the areas of a home that is often refinished first is the kitchen. There are some great reasons why this is the place to start. One is that this is a room that tends to make or break a sale. People want to see a kitchen that they love and they are able to overlook some of the other areas of concern. The kitchen is an area that people spend lots of time cooking and visiting, which means you want the space to be beautiful and inviting. There are some areas of the kitchen you can change or make changes to that make a huge impact. Flooring can be replaced, countertops can be switched out and of course the cabinets can be refinished. If you have good wood cabinets in your home and you are tired of the paint color or stain they currently are, you can change it without the cost and hassle of replacing them. Refinishing cabinets is a very intense process which is why using a professional is the best option!

New York Painting Services Lists the Steps Needed to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Prep the Kitchen Cabinets: The first step once you have decided to refinish your cabinets and have chosen what color you want to paint or stain them is to prep them. This may seem simple but it actually takes quite a bit or work. You have to remove the cabinet doors from the cabinets and also take off all the hardware. This includes the hinges and door knobs. You also need to have a work space that is big enough to work on each part of the cabinet. The hardware should be kept in a safe place unless you plan on also replacing them at the same time.
Sand & Clean Kitchen Cabinets: The cabinets that are being used in your home have a paint or stain as well as a clear finish on them. If you want to change out the look and the color you need to remove what there is. The paint, stain and clear finish can be removed with sandpaper. You will have to put some hard work and elbow grease in to get it done. There are often beveled edges and crevices that take a thin piece to get all the way in. Once the cabinets have been sanded down to the bare wood you are ready to clean them off. You need to remove the sand and all the dust so that when you finish them off you have a clean surface.
Kitchen Cabinet Finish & Stain: This is the part you get to see the real transformation in the kitchen cabinets. You use the stain or the paint that you chose and cover all of the surfaces with an even coat. You then have to use a clear finish coat once it has had time to dry. After the finish coat dries you are ready to attach the hardware and rehang the cabinet doors.

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