Nautical Painting Color Schemes & Interior Design Theme Characteristics in Chappaqua, NY

Using theme designs to get your home or business decorated in the style that best suits you can help you stick to one organized motif without the chaos of too much going on in one room. With so many different interior design styles, you have quite a variety of choices. Today however, we at New York Painting Services would like to specifically mention Nautical Interior Design and the basic guideline to help you achieve your goal.

Nautical Interior Design Characteristics

With the idea of reflecting the spirit of a beach house, the nautical design is also referenced as coastal or cottage design. By using varying degrees of blue as accent colors and base colors of white or sandy colored for the foundation, you can easily establish the colors of the beach. Raw materials incorporated in the design such as unfinished wood and chic upholstery along with accessories that include sailboats, navigational maps, anchors, jute ropes, seashells, and other beach and boating related items are all elements of nautical design. Because you are replicating the feeling of being at the ocean, you are creating the room peaceful with added serenity and sense of calm within the atmosphere in nautical design. For the decorative principals of nautical design, you can easily support the textiles and furnishings of your nautical design by utilizing starfish, nautical stars, stripes, and anchors.

Interior Design Nautical Theme

Consider the following decorative choices to embellish the nautical interior design.
Sea Creatures: Starfish, sea horses, and other creatures of the sea is an exceptional accessory for bathrooms and bedrooms in an effort to bring the seashore close. Not only ideal for accents, they can also be used as feature pieces.
Nautical Stripes: Providing a splash of nautical home design when used in any room setting, the blue and white pattern stripes are optimal selections. Window treatments, rugs, wall coverings, and furniture accessories are optimal choices with striped textiles. Consider a red rug or decorative item that will look attractive when placed next to nautical white and blue stripes, but other colors should be restricted.
Nautical Stars: The nautical star can be incorporated in a number of ways; an emblem symbolic of guidance and protection at sea, the nautical star brings the theme together.
Nautical Maps: Vintage charts and sailing maps can be ideally used in a nautical theme in a few applications that include works of art and even wall coverings.

Nautical Color Schemes

The idea is to represent the ocean and the sand with blues and natural colors when it comes time for painting and selecting the colors that designated for nautical design. The use of brilliant whites or subtle soft whites with the blues and neutral tones for example, highlight the other color choices in your nautical design. Tinted shades of brown, beige, whitewashed, or even blues as well as the natural timber on the furniture and shelving is perfect for nautical design. Natural wood panels or wainscoting can bring the nautical theme in conjunction with flat painted whites and pail blues. Do avoid plastics and synthetic materials and stick with natural textiles and reclaimed wood. The windows should be used to accessorize the room with striped curtains in shades of blue or draped in light tulle. Just remember that all accessories should all be made from natural materials and such accessories excel nautical interior design; anchors, telescopes, old roped, ship’s steering wheels, row oars, sea chests, tide-worn stones and model ships.

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