How to Choose Exterior House Paint Color Combinations for Your Scarsdale, NY House

Planning on painting the exterior of your home is a considerable investment and though a fresh coat should be applied every five or so years, most extend the time frame. Selecting a color scheme that is trendy yet will stay popular for several years is the challenge. The exterior painting generally comprises of three colors; color that is dominated for the siding, an accent color, and a color for the trim. Overall, the exterior colors impact the initial impression of the home and can maximize curb appeal. But what homeowners need to keep in mind are the variety of undertones and shades when selecting the combination. We at New York Painting Services have put together a color guide for selecting the exterior colors of your paint.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

It is ideal to select the undertone before hand for all three colors; warm, cool, or neutral that you want for the house. Keep in mind the visual cues. For example darker colors have a tendency to condense size. On the other hand, to make the structure seem more proportional to the small house on a large lot, painting the house lighter will achieve the goal. With that in mind, below you will find a few combinations that complement each other extraordinarily.
Aquamarine, Tangerine, and White for Colonial Architectural Style Homes: Trending this year is a stunning shade of aquamarine painted on the framing trim and even the shutters, primarily white siding, with a tangerine accented door that instantly grabs attention. This combination along with similar schemes is ideal for colonial architectural style homes.
Bright White, Paprika Red, and Stormy Gray Paint Colors: Gray is becoming an increasingly popular color among interior and exterior painting projects alike. The chic sophistication is optimal for any architectural design and is frequently the primary color found on siding. Paprika red is frequently the trim color where eaves, window frames, porch trim and the front door are painted. The bright white completes the overall look.
Black, Butter-cream Yellow, and White Paint Colors: Any shade of yellow promotes uplifting feelings of warmth and happiness and including the yellow in this scheme that is trending this year. Butter-cream yellow, or pale yellow with warm undertones as the dominate color used on sidings accompanied by the bright white accents as well as all the trim is incredible against black-shingled rooftops.
These are just a few examples of the current trends. Traditional classic looks or over the top unique combinations are readily available as per your tastes. Just keep in mind the curb appeal, especially if you intend on selling your home before your due for another fresh exterior painting project.

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

Paint colors can be strategically used to highlight specific architectural attributes. An example when a home features a black roof, is to compliment the roof by selecting a cool color for the dominate exterior color as well as the accent and trim. A brown roof might want to lean to the warm colors. Consider the following when selecting the color scheme right for your home’s exterior:
1) Local ordinances: Investigate regional and historical color schemes as you extend your color selection research.
2) Exterior paint of the neighbor: Choose a color scheme that matches the same level of intensity as surrounding homes.

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