Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Bronxville, NY; Sanding, Stripping & What Kind of Paint or Stain to Use on Kitchen Cabinets

Are you getting tired of your kitchen and want a great way to spruce it up. An entire kitchen makeover is really what homeowners dream about but not many are able to go through with it. With the weather changing and the days getting longer more and more people are ready to take on some home improvement projects. When it comes to the kitchen there are three main areas that if they are updated can make a very big difference. One is the flooring. A new floor adds a new look and feel to a room without having to change much more. Another area is to paint the exposed walls in the kitchen. A fresh and updated coat of paint is a great way to add the look you really want. A light color opens up the space and gives it an overall clean look. If you want sophistication you can go for a grey or brown tone to give that modern feel to a room. The last part that when changed adds a huge punch are the kitchen cabinets! They take up a huge portion of the room and are really the main focal point. If you can’t replace your cabinets with something brand new there are still some great options for you.

New York Painting Services Explains Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Staining & Refinishing Options

Stain Kitchen Cabinets: If you have cabinets that are made of wood and you want to just update the color of the wood you can opt for staining them. The look of wood is classic and you really can never go wrong. Some people have light cabinets and want to update with a bolder darker choice and staining can do that. There are hundreds of colors that you can choose from that can still show the look of the wood and the wood grain that many people love. The cabinets needs to be taken apart so that they can be worked at every angle. The staining can be applied after the cabinet has first been stripped down and prepped. This will give you the best outcome.
Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Have you ever seen cabinets that are two toned or a solid painted color? This is a great way to update the look of your cabinets and elevate them to a whole new level. Paint is a very different avenue than stain and it gives off a completely different vibe. If you want to go outside the box and choose a fun yet functional color for your cabinets this is a great way to do that.
Kitchen Cabinets Need Sanding & Stripping: Whether you decide on paint or stain you want to be sure that cabinets are properly prepped for the new finish. This will include taking off all the hardware and sanding down and stripping off any paint, stain or sealant that is on the cabinet already. The process is very tedious and is best left to a professional.

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