Interior Painting During Winter in Manhattan, NY. When is it Too Cold Outside to Paint Inside?

Do the temperatures outside affect painting inside your home? If you’ve put a painting project off, you might think it’s too cold now. You can paint indoors or out even if it’s cold outside. Cold temperatures might even make an interior paint project turn out better! Along with other popular warm weather activities, painting materials and the cost of hiring painters is less costly when the weather gets cold. Often times, you can save money because contractors and paint suppliers will offer reduced prices in the winter months. While you waited all summer for that painter to call you back, they’ll love your business now. Note, while you can paint indoors anytime of year, the maximum and minimum recommended temperatures for exterior paint depending on the paint type (oil or latex) as well as the brand. However, a general rule of thumb is that oil based paint can be applied when the temperatures are between 40°- 90°F and latex based paint between 50°- 85°F. A professional painting contractor can advise you as to when the time is right. Hiring a painting company in the winter can get you a good deal because painters need to pay our bills in the winter just like we did in the summer months when we were busy.

Acceptable Temperatures & Benefits of Interior Painting in Winter

1. Winter air is dry, making it good for curing paint. There are lots of advantages when you paint in cold weather. Humidity is not a friend for painters. The heat in a home will remove humidity from the air and will allow the paint to cure faster. The wait time between coats is significantly reduced making the job faster. The same job can be cut down to half the time.
2. Ventilate a room while painting. The biggest problem when painting in the winter is the fact you can’t open the windows for ventilation. Small spaces without ventilation can make paint fumes unbearable. You can open the windows to get rid of the fumes by setting up a fan in the window to blow out the cold air. It will work against the cold air that’s trying to get inside. Of course, if you’re painting outside, you won’t need to worry about ventilation. Inside projects require some gloves with an extra layer of warmth and open window won’t be an issue!
3. Painting job will go faster. When you work indoors you don’t need to worry about daylight limitations. Electricity allows you to work anytime you want to, day or night. Limitation of daylight time won’t affect whether or not you can paint if it’s too cold outside because electricity can allow a painter to paint whenever. Exterior jobs are limited by lighting but not indoors.
4. The type of paint you’re using will be affected by colder temperatures. Professionals know how to deal with it. Paints can get thicker in cold weather, become more viscous and might require some thinning. Additives can be added to paint in cold weather to help with the brushing and rolling process. Latex paints have lower evaporation rates of water and additives at lower temperatures.

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There’s never a bad time to paint your house, unless of course you need to do the job yourself! So, deciding whether to paint your house in the cold months depends on whether or not you’re going to hire someone. If you plan on hiring professionals, there’s never a bad time. Contact New York Painting Services today for your next painting project.

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