How to Custom Stencil a Border, Words or Pattern on Painted Walls Neatly Without Bleeding in Manhattan, NY

Many homeowners look for ways to add more character to certain rooms in their house. Many have said they like the patterns that wallpaper give. However many don’t like how paper will eventually curl at the corners and peel off. Others just prefer the look and upkeep of paint. The main question is how to give your rooms an exciting pattern that adds character and diversity. Well, there is a way to create fantastic patterns that you paint on and looks clean and professionally done. There is a wide range of stencil patterns that you can choose from. New York Painting Services will share the proper steps to stencil paint your home.

Stencil Painting Tools & Equipment

What you will need for Stencil Painting
• Stencil / Stencil Brush
• Paint for Under Coat of Wall Color (optional)
• Paint for Your Stencil Patterns
• Pencil / Painters Tape
• Leveler / Paper Towel

Paint the Background Color

In preparation to begin your stenciling project, your first step is to paint the background color. Of course this step is optional if you like the color your walls is already painted and is the color scheme you want for your background. However, if you’re changing the coloring in your home then you will want to repaint the walls first and let them completely dry before you begin the next step.

Stencil Words or Patterns on the Wall

With all of your tools and accent paint in hand, you can begin stenciling your wall. You will now need to determine your starting point on the wall to begin your first stencil. The best place to start is on the large opening on the wall in the top corner of the room. This helps to make the pattern look cleaner. Then you will use your painters tape to hold the stencil in place. When you paint your accent color from the stencil onto your wall, dip your stencil brush in the paint. It is important not to overload the brush with paint. Dab the paint on a paper to towel to help thin out the amount of paint on the stencil brush. To keep your stencil pattern clean and prevent paint from running, you will want to start painting directly on top of the stencil and work your way towards the middle. This is an important technique to use when stencil painting your wall. Again, don’t use too much paint or your pattern will look messy. It helps to hold the area of the stencil you’re painting in place with your hand to keep the patterns clean.

How to Use Stencil Patterns on Walls

Before starting your next pattern, you will notice four diamond-shaped holes in the corners of your stencil. Trace each hole of your first stencil. This will help you line up the next stencil correctly and evenly. You can also use your level to make sure the next stencil is even. From this point, you will repeat all these steps until you’ve finished stenciling your entire wall. It is recommended to either work side-to-side or from the top-to-bottom to prevent smearing wet paint. If you’re not in a big hurry, you can wait until the previous stencil is dry before starting the next one. However this is not very time efficient.

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There are so many patterns to choose from and with the right creativity, you can customize your home to express your own personality. New York Painting Services provides a wide range of painting related services and can assist those who so desire it. Contact New York Painting Services today.

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