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Exterior Paint for Your Home Can Look Beautiful if the Proper Steps are Taken

Exterior paint for your home can completely change the look of your house, allowing it to stand out on your street and increase the curb appeal of your home. There are a variety of different colors shades and schemes to choose from that can enhance the shape, style and look of your home with a professional exterior paint job. Unfortunately many homeowners care more about saving money than they do about the quality of exterior paint job that is done on their home. Doing exterior paint yourself may save you money up front, but you will be disappointed in the long run. New York Painting Services takes the time and essential steps necessary to guarantee a beautiful looking exterior paint job that will last.

Professional Preparation Makes a Difference in Exterior Painting of Your Home

It is essential to take the proper steps when preparing your home for exterior paint. If you fail to properly prepare the exterior of your home for paint you will end up with a very poor looking paint job on the exterior of your home. A home that has siding must be sanded down to the wood in order to have a smooth even surface for the new paint to adhere to. It is also important to add a layer or more of primers to the siding before you begin painting on the new desired paint colors. The professionals at New York Painting Services know exactly what it takes to properly prepare the exterior of your home for new paint so you will be completely satisfied with the end result.

Exterior Painting Will Extend the Life of your Siding

There are many benefits to exterior paint for your home and one of the biggest benefits is that it will add life to your siding. Siding should last up to fifty years; however, every day wear and tear can significantly decrease that life line. Exterior paint from New York Painting Services can not only keep siding looking fresh, but it will also extend the life of your siding and keep you from having to spend extra money on getting the siding repaired often. Keep your home looking beautiful and long lasting with a superb exterior paint job from New York Painting Services today.

New Exterior Paint Will Protect Your Home from Pests & Mother Nature

Not only will new exterior paint increase your home’s curb appeal, but it will also stand as a shield from dangerous pests like termites and extreme weather like hail and wind and even the sun. Painting seals off exposed areas that are prone to damage from termites and other wood eating pests that attempt to gain access into your home. A new exterior paint job from New York Painting Services will act as an excellent shield from those termites. Extreme temperatures and weather conditions can have a negative effect on the exterior of your home; a new coat of exterior paint from New York Painting Services will assist in protecting your home from these harsh conditions. Hail, rain, snow, wind and other extreme weather can damage your siding, but with a strong and professionally done exterior paint job, you can be sure that your home is protected from such elements.

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