DIY VS Professional Wallpaper Removal in White Plains, NY; Avoid Damaging Your Drywall Stripping Stubborn Wallpaper!

Leave Wallpaper Removal to the Experts

Wallpaper removal is probably the last item on your list of favorite household repairs or improvements to make. There is a reason that so many homeowners detest the chore of removing wallpaper and that is because wallpaper removal is as fun as getting a root canal, and about as quick as watching water freeze in the middle of July. There are so many different factors that must be considered when removing the wallpaper that is in your home. It is hard to know just how many layers of wallpaper are actually on your walls if you are not the original owner of the home. Starting a project like removing wallpaper may seem like a great way to improve the look of your home, but in most cases, the project ends up taking a great deal more time than you have scheduled for, and heavy feelings of frustration as well. The best way to remove wallpaper from your home is to hire New York Painting Services to do the hard work for you. New York Painting Services is skilled and experienced in removing wallpaper form your home without damaging your walls or leaving any trace of the wall paper behind.

Inexperience With Wallpaper Often Results in Damage to the Walls of your Home

Many homeowners believe they will save money by removing the wallpaper in their home by themselves. This usually results in a great deal of frustration and even worse, permanent damage to your walls. Homeowners have used incorrect tools to attempt to remove the wallpaper in their home and severely damaged their walls, drywall and even door frames. Stripping wallpaper takes a great deal of patience and a great deal of experience. Avoid causing permanent damage to the walls of your home and hire New York Painting Services to remove the wallpaper in your home for you.

Can You Paint Over Difficult & Stubborn Wallpaper

There are some extreme cases where the wallpaper in your home has been on the walls so long or the layers of glue have created a scenario where the wallpaper can just not be removed without causing permanent damage to your walls. In this case, your best option is to paint over the existing wallpaper. However there are a specific set of steps that must be taken before you immediately begin to brush paint over that horrific looking floral pattern of wall paper that you have been staring at for years. New York Painting Services knows the appropriate steps to take when painting over wallpaper so the end result is a clean clear surface that no longer looks like there was ever wallpaper there. It is important to remember that if the existing wallpaper on your walls that was painted over had any type of texture to it that that texture will still be somewhat visible after the paint job is finished. However, any bubbles, creases or lines will be eliminated.

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If you are ready to remove the wallpaper from your home, contact New York Painting Services today for the best wallpaper removal service available.

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