Wall Mural Painting Design Ideas for Bedroom, Living & Other Interior Rooms in White Plains, NY

Murals look great in a child’s room along with many other rooms inside the home. Many wish to have a mural or murals throughout their home but lack the artistic talent to do the mural themselves. For those who are left with this dilemma, you have a couple of options: hire a professional painter to paint your dream mural, or do it yourself. Yes, you can do it yourself. There are methods that even those with no artistic talent can use to paint their own mural. New York Painting Services will bring to light a method in which anyone can paint their own mural with an amazing outcome.

Mural Painting Materials

For those who aren’t gifted with painting masterpieces that you’re proud to display in your home, the one way to still achieve this goal is to literally trace and color your chosen scene by using a projector. To begin using this easy method to paint the mural of your dreams, begin by obtaining these essential tools and items used to create the mural.
• Overhead projector and Desired Image.
• Pencil and eraser used to trace and outline your image.
• Painter Brushes of different sizes.
• Acrylic paints in all the colors that will be used.
• Paper plates or cups for the paint, and a drop cloth.

Mural Painting Techniques

Step 1. Create two copies of your mural image – You will first want to have a black and white copy of the image you will want to use to create your mural. This copy will be used to help you draw and outline the image projected on the wall. The second copy of your image is the colored image which you will use when you paint the color on the wall.
Step 2. Position the Projector – Your next step is positioning the project to the exact spot and size you want the mural to be on the wall. Turn the projector on with your black and white image and adjust the projector until you find the right angle and size for your mural. Once you have the projector in the right position, make sure to lock it in place.
Step 3. Tracing the Outline of the Image onto the Wall – With the projector locked in place, begin tracing the image with a pencil. Make sure you have the black and white image to help make the lines clearer to follow. Use the eraser if you make mistakes along the way. By using a pencil versus a pen or marker is that a pencil is forgiving and mistakes can be easily corrected. Additionally some paints won’t cover the marker or even pen marks very well.
Step 4. Painting the Mural – Before you begin painting, double check the position you see on the wall. Make sure you like how the mural is positioned on the wall. Now is the time to change and re-do the positioning of the mural if you want it changed. If you like the position you may begin the painting process. Make sure to lay the drop cloth underneath the area you will be painting. Place the color image on your projector. When you begin painting, start with the dominate color or the color mostly used. Only paint one color at a time and don’t start using the next color until the first color is dry. This will help to prevent colors mixing together. Continue painting by always moving on to the next dominate color until you have completed your mural. You can use the cups or plates to separate your paint or for mixing colors.

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How did your mural turn out? Make sure when picking out an image for your mural you stay with one you are comfortable painting. Even basic images will look awesome once finished. For those who truly have no interest in painting their own mural, contact a professional painter. New York Painting Services has a great team of painters that can create murals in your home or business. If you want an exceptional mural in your home or Business, contact New York Painting Services today!

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