Tips for Painting One Wall or More Black in Your Bedroom or Other Interior Rooms in Scarsdale, NY

Lots of interior design ideas are done with light, bright colors and for good reason. Lighter paint colors bounce light around the room easily and provide a feeling of space and size that homeowners like. Going with light colors is timeless and trendy. Variations of white paint seem to stand the test of time and if white is just a little too white, then there are lots of neutrals to choose from. The other end of the white and neutral spectrum is black. Black is a well established color in the world of interior design. Sofas, desks, tables, entertainment centers and accessories all come black and if you’re thinking about using it on the walls in your home, you can achieve modern, stylish results. You can think of a black wall like a little black dress that can take many forms and can shine if it’s paired with the right accessories.

Is Black a Good Option for Your Home?

There are things you need to keep in mind if you’re considering black paint.
• Does black paint work in a small room? Even small spaces can work with black paint. In a small room like a bathroom or a hallway, it can create a unique look.
• Think about the light in the room. Black paint will absorb light, this will make the room look smaller, closed in and dark. But in a room with lots of natural light, black paint can make the space feel classy and provide cozy charm. If the room you want to paint is small and doesn’t have a lot of light, the room can feel like a box very quickly.
• Think about how what black paint will accentuate. Not only will black walls change the look of a room, it will affect other details in the room. White trim will be stunning against black paint, but black will also make natural wood stand out too.
• Balance blackness with light décor. Dark colors require contrast, or you’ll be stuck in a room that looks like nighttime all day long. White is a good choice to provide balance and so are cream colors, but the options are endless.
• Start small. If you are scared to go all in with black, then consider doing an accent wall to see if you’re comfortable with it. If you like it, then paint the rest.
• Pick the right sheen. Going with flat paint will make application and touch ups easy but isn’t a durable choice and it won’t reflect light very well. If you want to use higher-gloss paint, then there will be more surface preparation but will also give you a stunning finish that can look like liquid. Professionals can help you decide which sheen to go with in the room you want to paint.

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Bottom line, black is always chic, and even though it’s dark, it’s considered a neutral color that can go with everything. Go with an experienced painting company for a consultation, especially if you’re wanting to go with a color that can be considered daring. Give New York Painting Services a call for all your painting needs.

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