Painting a Galaxy, Solar System or Night Sky Star Mural on Your Bedroom Ceiling in Rye Brook, NY

Have you ever got into your bed and as you looked at your ceiling, wished it wasn’t so boring? To add a little bit of excitement to the ceilings in your bedroom or kids room, have you considered painting a solar system mural on your ceilings? For those who love star gazing and are in love with the wonders of space, having a painted scene of our solar system with the amazing planet and star constellations can help bring your love for space right into your home. New York Painting Services will share how you can bring the wonders of our solar system into your some.

How to Paint a Galaxy or Night Sky Mural on Your Bedroom Ceiling

Step 1. Mural Paint Preparation. First do your homework by measuring the ceiling and figuring out how much room you actually have to paint your solar system. This will help you know how big or how small you should paint the planets. However, unless you want full accuracy you can play with the planets size and layout a little bit to make it interesting. After measuring everything out and getting the paint color you will need, you can begin prepping the room. Either cover the furniture or remove all the furniture. You might find it’s easier to paint the ceiling if the room is empty. If the room is empty, lay a painter’s cloth down over the floor.
Step 2. Painting the Undercoat. When painting a solar system mural, you will first want to paint the undercoat. One of the best colors used for space is black, of course. However, you can also use deep navy blue colors if you’re not too excited with the black. If you do chose to use a black back ground color, consider painting the planets on a larger scale for more color. After you have determined your background color, begin painting your ceiling.
Step 3. Second Background. Before you begin painting the planets there are some other backgrounds you can add to bring more color and beauty to your mural. One suggestion is to add the nebulae or Milky Way. Some easy methods to achieving this image are to use an artist’s brush or sponge.
Step 4. Painting the Planets. There are different ways you can paint the planets. You can have the planets circling around the sun or put the planets in a row, placing them the correct distance away from the sun. This will be up to you on how you want and envision your solar system mural. You may want to look for some references to help determine where to place each planet. If you’re feeling like a rebel don’t forget to add Pluto. You can use a compass to draw out each planet. You can use a caulk line to outline the planets. After you have traced each planet, begin painting them. After you finish painting all of the planets as well as the sun, you can add in some stars. For those major solar systems you can add in star constellations and all of the many moons our planets have circling them.

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However, for those who don’t feel like they can paint this type of mural, you can still achieve this masterpiece by painting the ceiling black or dark blue. You can then apply high quality stickers of celestial objects instead of painting them. Or you can ask a professional painting company to come and paint your your amazing mural for you. New York Painting Services provides many painting and drywall services. If you need help with your custom mural, or need help painting your home or commercial building, contact New York Painting Services.

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