Paint Color Schemes for Master Bedroom & Bath in Your Manhattan, NY Home; How to Paint Rooms Different Colors When They Run Together

In most homes, the homeowner wants to create an oasis in the master bedroom. The goal is to create a luxurious sanctuary where you can escape the worries of the world. When compiling ideas to put a space like this together, a lot of people want to have a large bathroom attached to the master to create a suite. You are still working with two spaces, but the goal is to have the two spaces flow together as one. New York Painting Services is here to talk about some tips to help create flow between the master bedroom and master bath.

Should Master Bedroom & Bathroom Be Same Color?

To create flow between the master bed and bath, the first step is to treat the two spaces as if they are one, and get rid of any barriers that may make them seem like they are separate from each other. By choosing architectural elements that are the same for both spaces, they will naturally work well together. If there is a wall dividing the two spaces, consider getting rid of it or making changes to it that will eliminate the division, such as windows or a partial wall. If you don’t want to completely open the bathroom up to the master bedroom, pocket or sliding barn doors are a great alternative to that. They allow the space to be quite open when they aren’t closed, but offer privacy for those that are seeking it. While the color doesn’t have to be the same, it should be complimentary.

How to Paint Rooms Different Colors When the Rooms Run Together

One of the easiest ways to connect the two spaces in your master, is with the help of color. Choose a color scheme and then use it throughout the two spaces. This can be done with paint colors, or even accessories to help tie the two spaces together. If you aren’t planning on painting the master in one paint color, make sure you choose colors that compliment each other and are still related hues. The colors you choose should work harmoniously together.

Continuous Crown Molding & Baseboard Trim Can Link Two Rooms Together

Using the same trim work and molding throughout your master suite will connect the two spaces together. Not only the trim work, but other finishes as well need to be consistent in the space in order to create good flow. The materials you use in the bathroom, such as cabinetry and woodwork, can be carried into the bedroom with dresser and nightstand choices as well as custom built-ins.

Choose the Same Interior Design Style for Both Spaces

It is important that the design choices you choose for the master bathroom and bedroom are the same. If you are choosing a French country theme for your bedroom, carry that same theme to the bath and your spaces will flow together nicely.

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Creating a master suite that flows can seem difficult if you don’t have the design experience. The color consultants at New York Painting Services along with, our expert painters, can help you design and create your dream master suite. Call us today!

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