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Home flooding can be a devastating ordeal to have to go through. Destruction, potential mold growth, and irreversible damage can ensue. After the wave emotions flitter across your face, you must begin tending to the mess.

New York Painting Services would like to give you some dos and don’ts on dealing with water damage and cleanup.

Water Damage Repair Do’s:
– Turn off all electronic devices and unplug them, near flooding immediately.
– Clear everything you can manage out of the room, throwing away anything that is cannot be saved.
– Start to remove water. A wet/dry vacuum is a good tool for sucking up excess water. If you do not own one, you can generally rent them from a home improvement store.
– Once floor has been clear of water, mop, sop and blot remaining moisture.
– Opening windows and setting up fans can help dry the area quicker.
– Wipe down furniture, and if possible, take them outside to dry, or in another room where moisture isn’t a problem.
– Inspect cushions and upholstery for water damage, and utilize the wet vacuum to suck out as much moisture as possible.
– If you cannot remove the furniture, elevate the legs on some wooden blocks.
– For furniture that has drawers and cabinets that got flooded, open everything out to allow better air circulation for better drying.
– Be sure to remove any art work, valued antiques, or personal treasure from the room and make sure they are dried quickly.
– Make sure to inspect floor boards, baseboards and walls for any water damage. Call the professionals at New York Painting Services for expert ceiling and drywall repair and replacement, new baseboards and crown molding if needed and of course, expert painting services.

Water Damage Repair Don’ts:
– Avoid leaving any fabrics, vinyl or leather products in the flooded area. This can breed mildew and mold or irreversible damage. Takes these items in a dry location, wipe away any excess moisture and allow to air dry.
– Do not leave any paper products in the water infestation such as books, magazines, art work or anything in between.
– Never use a regular household vacuum to suck up water.
– Resist the urge to flipping on a TV or other electronics or fans in the flooded room. If you are utilizing fans to assist in the drying process, make sure they are plugged in a dry room, and safely run an extension cord to reach the flooded area.
– If the ceiling is where the damage originated, do not flip the ceiling fan on or the lights.
– Avert stacking water damaged property on dry property.

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Dealing with water damage is more complicated than one might seem. Water contributes to mold spores, and mold can quickly deteriorate your home, it’s foundation and personal belongings. Taking on such responsibility good be a gamble you lose on. Instead of guessing you are doing a sufficient job, hire New York Painting Services to ensure that any damaged drywall is removed to hinder mold and other issues. Our experts have the experience and proper equipment to restore your home or business after a water damage emergency. Call us today!

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