Medieval Middle Ages Interior Design History, Elements & Characteristics in Port Chester, NY

When it comes to choosing a theme for your interior design of your home or business, there are a plethora of options. With so many selections, everyone can find something that draws them in. Between the different colors, textures, accessories, furnishings, and everything in between gives you an opportunity to pick your favorite theme but still customize your unique style. With that in mind, today New York Painting Services would like to discuss the basics of Medieval Interior Design.

Medieval Middle Ages History

Medieval Interior Design was inspired from the time between the 5th century and the 15th century and adopted the characteristics of the Middle Period of Europe. Merging from both Renaissance and the Age of Discovery, it embarked after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire the period began. Medieval Interior Design creates a dramatic look that represents charm, sophistication, and class as it recalls the grand stone castles and wooden dining halls of that era and combines it with modern grace.

Medieval Interior Design Characteristics

Paint Color: Medieval interior design colors are the rich and bolder colors such as deep reds, greens, and blues, as well as gold. Utilize these colors when it comes to painting, upholstery, and accessories. If you are hesitant to use the rich colors or are looking for softer accents, lighter tones such as dusky pinks, creams, pale blues and greens or even rust colors embody the medieval style and gives you the chance to optimize the colors you adore. If you prefer the use of wallpaper over paint, any of the colors mentioned are ideal but incorporate patters like the fleur-de-lis, tapestry-style of floral and foliage patterns, or like heraldic design work well with the medieval design.
Floors, Walls, and Structures: The walls, floors, and overall structure of the medieval interior design are often covered in limestone or granite. When these materials are not an option, consider faux painting techniques to capture the resemblance or even invest in laminate coverings. Dark wood, like oak for example, are another option to obtain the essence of the medieval design. Paneling can cover the walls, hardwood flooring for the floors and even installing wooden beams on the ceiling in your favorite dark chunk oaks or other such woods will amplify the look. If you do not prefer hardwood floors, other hard surface options such as stone, tile, or concrete floors are other options that still invoke the medieval design.
Fireplace or Stove: Fireplaces are an ideal focal point for medieval design. If you have the space and budgeting, a fireplace in the living area can help finish the medieval style and in the kitchen, the right stove can be useful as well.
Furniture: When selecting your furnishings, the medieval interior design makes use of the wooden framed with dark finishes, such as oak or reclaimed lumber. Indulging on iron, oxidized copper, or brass for the accent pieces such as chandeliers and other such accessories are ideal when creating the medieval interior design atmosphere.

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