Interior Trim Molding, Baseboard, Door & Window Casings, Wainscoting, Chair Rail & Fire Place Mantels in Manhattan, NY

Increasing the value and adding upgraded features to your home to add flare to the dynamics of a room can be an enticing idea. But not knowing where to start is a big problem. That’s where adding some interior trim can come into play, trim like; Crown Molding, Interior Doors, Baseboards, Wainscoting, Chair Rail, Door Casings, Window Casings, Door Build Ups, Window Build Up, Fire Place Mantels, and other interior trim projects enhance the esthetics of your home.

New York Painting Services examine the choices you have for interior trim projects.

1. Crown Molding: Crown molding has been a growing trend over the last decade or so. Crown molding is an ornamental trim that is strategically designed to be placed on top of cabinets, capping open walls, pilasters, and on top of door and window trims, but is more often placed where the wall and the ceiling meet. Crown molding is manufactured out of wood or plaster and finished in either stain or paint to gracefully flare the tops of finished edges. There is a multitude of designs that can be done with crown molding to make your home more unique and to add the finishing touch to your style or theme of the room.
2. Baseboards: Baseboards are the basic opposite of the crown molding, installed at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor to create a more esthetically pleasing transition. Baseboards are generally engineered from wood, and can be either stained or painted. Designs could be shaped into the wood to add more distinction.
3. Wainscoting: Wainscoting is generally constructed of wooden panels that are installed on the lower part of the walls. They can be custom made or you can pick from a selection of premade wainscoting panels. Capable of either being stained or painted, wainscoting can greatly change the dynamics of a room and enhance other features.
4. Chair Rails: Chair rails, or dado rails as they are sometimes to referred to, are a decorative molding, produced to protect your walls from the wear and tear chairs, sofas, and couches can inflict. Chair rails are installed horizontally to the wall and around the perimeter of the entire room that directly fits behind the back of standard sitting furnishings. Though they are designed for a specific purpose, their subtle merits can really contribute to the beauty and charm of any room.
5. Fire Place Mantels: Fire place mantels are very versatile. Depending on the type of mantel you want determines the best material used such as; concrete, stone, brick, wood or other composite materials. Some materials can be painted or stain, sealed, or left as is.

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With a multitude of choices of trim you want, and the various ways to apply or install it, sometimes it’s good to know there is a trusted professional close by to help you. New York Painting Services offers many types of interior trim installation, and after an in depth consultation, we can help realize your ideas. To get started give us a call today!

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