Industrial Interior Design Style in Manhattan, NY; Definition, History, Concept, Neutral White, Gray & Black Colors & More

A growing trend, the Industrial Design keeps decorating simple and practical. The primary aspect is displaying the raw materials used to construct the building as more as an accessory. Instead of concealing the air ducts and piping systems in the ceiling, the industrial design style leaves them exposed; in addition, unfinished looks, metal and wood surfaces, neutral colors, vintage nut practical furnishings, and the spacious and minimal accessories is the very essence of the industrial style. New York Painting Services would like to share some tips on how you convert your home into a modern interior design.

Industrial Kitchen Design; Metal Kitchen Cabinets, Equipment & More

With rundown warehouses and factories being the inspiration for the industrial design, stainless steel goes a long way. Appliances in the kitchen and maybe even the countertops in stainless steel will immediately get you started on going industrial. Cabinets and floor in complimentary weathered-wood shades will accent the kitchen. Keep the services pipes exposed, and opting for vintage lighting fixtures will keep the industrial charm. Incorporating the neutral or earthy tones on the walls will bring it all together. Sticking with basic whites or grays and using black for accents will complete the kitchen’s makeover.

Industrial Design Style Flooring & More

In other rooms of your home, the basic guideline of the kitchen applies. Leave the ceiling open, expose the pipe systems, and opt for metal, or metal resemblance, and wood surfaces. If you don’t want to over use the wood flooring for example, use slate tile, or gray colored carpets. Where some will paint the walls in the basic neutrals, some have implemented a brick wall texture with red popping out, giving the room an edge, while still keeping in mind the raw industrial style. If gray is your color, consider mixing up the cool or warm grays throughout the home, and use accent colors like a vintage weathered-baby blue color, or the old brick red, and as mentioned before the black will give your rooms depths.

Chic Industrial Style Furniture

When it comes to the furniture for your industrial design, keep vintage on the brain as well. Many vintage pieces are framed with wood or metal, wrought iron especially was commonly used. Just avoid the warm metals like brass and copper, and utilize the cool toned metals. Leather, wood, and other natural materials used to construct the furniture are part of the industrial style. However, the trick is that there isn’t an over abundance of furnishings and accessories because the exposed pipes and such are the accessories. The furniture imposed is generally basic and practical.

Industrial Design Inspiration

To help you on your industrial design conversion, check out old buildings, whether you take a field trip or go hunting online for photos and search those with historical past to get your creative mojo flowing. Pay attention to the timber roof trusses, the aged brick walls and the steel columns that are not covered with drywall. In addition to older buildings, pay attention to old factories and warehouses and even lofts to get more ideas.

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