Humidity & Painting Your Home in Bronxville, NY; Painting in Hot, Damp or Windy Weather

When you are looking to have your home painted there is a lot that goes into the process. When you make all the final arrangements to have the paint ready the schedule will be set to start the paint job. The exterior of the house is outdoors which means that the elements could affect the work that has to be done. The weather outside can be tracked but that does not mean it is going to be consistent. You will need to take into account the weather because the type of weather could be hard on the paint.

New York Painting Services Outlines Whether You Can Paint in Hot, Damp or Windy Weather

When is it Too Hot to Paint?: If you are looking to have your home painted and you think a nice hot summer day is best you could be wrong. The sun when it hits any surface will start to heat it up. The hot surface is not conducive to having your home painted. The hot surface will act in a way that cures the paint that is being applied too quickly. You might think this is a great idea since the drying process will be quickened. The problem is that when the paint dries too quickly it does not cure properly. The under layer will still be wet while the outer layer is hard. This leads to the paint bubbling and that effects the end result. On top of that the home is heated up and that will cause any gaps and cracks to all but disappear. Then when the home starts to cool off the paint will chip and crack when the gaps open. It is important to have your home painted on a cooler day and not in the direct sunlight.
Wind Affects Painting Your Home: The weather outside when you are having your home painted is important. One type of weather that is a real problem is wind. The wind is a problem for several reasons. One is that the wind moving around does not just have air but will have debris in it as well. If you have a wet surface and you throw sand at it the sand will stick to it! Then as the surface dries the sand stays there. The same goes for the exterior of your home when you have wet paint on it and there is wind. The other issue that comes with wind is that the air will start to dry the outer layer and will not allow the paint to cure properly. This leads to bubbling in the paint that will have to be sanded down and repainted when the weather permits.
No Painting in Rainy Weather: It may seem obvious that painting the exterior of your home in the rain is a bad idea. Did you know that you also need to wait 24 hours after rain to paint the home, The moisture from the rain will still be in the wood and other siding that needs to evaporate and dry out before any paint is added to the home.

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