How to Get Your White Plains NY Deck Ready for Spring; Pressure Washing, Deck Repair, Staining & Refinishing

Spring is upon us. With spring comes perfect weather conditions. Grass gets green, leaves sprout, blossoms and flowers bloom, the air feels crisp and the need to host outdoor gatherings and events are being considered. But after a season of undisturbed, weather abuse and neglect, your deck is in need of attention.

New York Painting Services would like to share some tips and advice on getting your deck ready for guests, and your own comfort.

1. How to Clean a Deck. We are not talking about a quick sweep. Start by removing the clutter. Pull away the patio furniture, toys, trash, debris, dirt, mud, and piles of unused materials. Do not be tempted to go the lazy way of working around the grill, or attempting to just go under the table. Literally clear away the deck. Once everything is thoroughly removed, the cleaning will be more efficient. Using a sturdy broom, sweep the deck, hitting all nooks and crevices. You want to be sure all dirt and mud are cleaned. Hit it one more time with a push broom to ensure everything is cleaned off. If you should notice any buildup or blemishes, don’t be afraid to get on your hands and knees to remove them the best way you can. A professional power washing can make this job more efficient and a whole lot easier!
2. Deck Repairs & Refinishing. Once the deck is completely dry, explore the deck boards. If any sanding needs to be done, wood needs replacing, screws or nails need to be replaced; this is the time to do it. When sanding, use the appropriate grain to ensure it gets maintained without adding any damage. Screws and nails should be specific to wood decks. Avoid reusing the old ones, as they more than likely sustained deterioration for them to become loosened in the first place. After the maintenance has been performed, select the wood finish you desire. Keep in mind your general climate and average weather conditions and ensure it is designed for exterior use. Follow the labels directions and make certain the stain or finish is completely dry.
3. Deck Upgrade Ideas. This step is fun. Consider your budget and the desires you had when you were out on the deck the previous year. Perhaps misters, ambient lighting, outdoor umbrellas or a ceiling fan might be what you need to make the beautiful and charming deck more to your liking. If needed, consult the appropriate professionals to help you in the endeavor.
4. Replace Patio & Porch Furnishings & Accessories. After spending time and money to get your deck in pristine condition, you will want to make sure your furniture and accessories are clean. Properly clean everything, make repairs as needed, and set the deck up to perfection. Enjoy your newly reformed deck!

New York Painting Services can provide the needed services to get your deck up to par. We offer professional power washing, deck repair, staining and refinishing to help you get your deck back to its original glory. Call us today in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York!

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