How to Fix Holes, Dents & Water Damaged Drywall Before Interior Painting in Manhattan NY

If you have ever hung a picture with a nail or bumped a chair into the wall you may have caused damage to your drywall. One or two small spots may not seem like a big deal but over time there can be enough damage that it can start to make the walls looked terrible. Small holes or dents are not fun to look at and even if you have a nice clean house, it may still not look very good. Luckily, there is something that you can do about it. You can have the drywall repaired and the wall re-painted so that it looks great again.

New York Painting Services lists ways your drywall may be damaged and how to fix it.

What is Damaging Your Drywall? When you hang a picture on the wall, you have caused some damage to the drywall. It is usually not a big deal until you want to play around with the decorating and change the location of the artwork or photos. This will leave holes in the wall from the original place of the hung items. Another way that drywall is damaged is when you move around large pieces of furniture. When a couch or cabinet is moved often times they bump into the wall and that can cause a dent or hole. The damage is not always a hole but can be a dent or scrape. They can look just as bad as a hole and also need to be repaired. There are other ways that you could be damaging your drywall from everyday life. A chair falling over, someone kicking the wall and much more. And then there are the less frequent disasters like water damage. Whatever the reason for the drywall damage be sure that you get it fixed by a professional.
How Can The Drywall Holes & Damage Be Repaired? If you are sick of looking at your damaged drywall call a professional like New York Painting Services to come out and make the repairs. New York Painting Services can remove the damaged piece of drywall and replace it with a new piece. We can then seal up the gaps and sand it down. After that has time to dry we will be able to match the texture to the existing wall and match the color of paint or re-paint to a new color that you choose. This is often a great time to have your home repainted with a fresh new coat of paint!

If you are interested in repairing any drywall damage to your home call New York Painting Services today in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York.

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