How to Choose Wallpaper & Installation for Your Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway or Other Room in Your Manhattan, NY Home

Have you been thinking about updating the interior of your home with something more than a new coat of paint? If your answer is “yes” then the knowledgeable experts at New York Painting Services have the ideal solution. Instead of a coat of paint, why not choose a wallcovering such as wallpaper or even better, combine the two? Wallpaper has come a long way in recent years and many consumers have no idea how many options are actually available for them to choose from. In fact interior decorators make it a point to educate their clients by explaining that there is a lot more involved in choosing wallpaper than picking a color and print!

Best Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom & Playroom Wallpaper Types, Patterns & Trends

The experienced design consults at New York Painting Services understand which types of wall coverings work best to ensure the success of your homes decorating project. There are many different wallpaper applications available. Some work perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and humidity can be a concern while others are more delicate and work best in bedrooms and others still are extremely durable and are best suited to areas of the home such as a children’s playroom. Regardless of what you are looking for, the experts at New York Painting Services are available to help guide you into making the right choices for your home.

Types of Wallpaper in Interior Design; Vinyl, Flocked, Grasscloth, Foil & Fabric Wall Coverings

Vinyl Wallpaper: One of the most common types of wallpaper available is solid vinyl. Vinyl can be used in practically every room in the home. It is generally waterproof and resistant to damage such as scraping and tearing making it an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl wallpaper is also easily cleaned and available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Types of vinyl wallpaper include vinyl coated, paper backed vinyl and fabric backed vinyl.
Flocked Wallpaper: Flocked wallpaper has been used for centuries and was originally designed to imitate textile and velvet wall coverings. It has a felt like feel and patterns tend to be complex. Flocked wallpaper works best in rooms that are considered low-traffic areas such as a formal dining room or a master bedroom.
Grasscloth Wallpaper: Grasscloth wallpaper is typically made from natural grasses that are woven together into a thin cotton thread that is placed onto a rice paper backing. A large assortment of natural fibers and grasses can be used including jute, sisal, bamboo, silk and arrowroot. The variety of grasses used will determine the final texture of the paper as well as the overall design. Grasscloth is environmentally friendly and a great way to add natural warmth to rooms within your home. The heavy texture of Grasscloth makes it ideal for hiding imperfections in the wall but it can become easily soiled so it is best used in areas of the home that are low-traffic such as formal dining rooms, or guest bedrooms.
Foil Wallpaper: Foil wallpaper is made by applying a thin sheet of metallic foil, usually silver, copper or gold in color to a paper backing. Foil is available with a dull sheen, a bright reflective surface or screen printed with patterns similar in nature to other types of wallcoverings. Foil wallpaper adds both a dramatic and contemporary feel to the look of the room and can also be used as a focal wall to add a subtle finish to the overall appearance of the chosen area.
Fabric Wallpaper: Just as the name implies, fabric wallpaper is made of real fabric that can be covered with either a laminate or another type of protective coating or it can be left as is. If the fabric is exposed it can be very difficult to clean. Fabric should only be used in low-traffic areas and makes a beautiful addition to formal dining and sitting rooms.

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