How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Manhattan NY House; Bedroom, Bathrooms, Kitchen & Other Living Areas

When you are ready to take on re-painting your home it is a fun time and a great way to freshen up the house and add some personality. The best part of the process is taking time to choose the colors that you want to use and what colors will work best. There are a lot of things to consider when picking colors. You want to be sure that you look at your furniture and accent colors that are in your frames, pillows and art work. You don’t have to go with a single color and paint every room and every wall with it. That is where a color scheme comes into the game. If you want to understand what a color scheme if you need to learn about the color wheel and how each color is made from another.

New York Painting Services explains what a color wheel is and how it can help you in deciding on a color scheme for your home.

What is a color wheel used for: A color wheel is a circle that has colors starting with the primary colors red, blue and yellow and fans out to show the secondary colors that are made using them. Some of the color wheels that you will see have faded in colors and others have distinct colors. Either way you can get an idea of the colors that go together and accent other colors well.
Warm Colors and Cool Colors: There is another level to the color wheel that you can look at when choosing what color you want to paint your home. You can look at the shades themselves and decide if you want warm colors or cool colors. If you split the color wheel in half the yellows, reds and oranges are the warm colors because they mimic the colors of the sun! If you go with blue, green or purple you are in the cool shades. These are more tranquil colors and can give you a better sense of peace. They mimic more of the colors that are associated with water.

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When you are ready to pick a color scheme you want to be sure that they colors all go together and none of them clash. It does not mean you have to use different shades of the same color though. You can go with totally different colors and still match really well. If you are ready to take on a new paint makeover in your home call New York Painting Services today.

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