How to Avoid Painting Mistakes on Walls & Ceilings in Manhattan, NYC; Do Paint Prep Work & Clean Up, Use Good Quality Paint Brushes & More

When it comes to home renovations, we all want to save money. One way we can do this is to do a paint job on our own. New York Painting Services lists 10 mistakes to avoid if you want your paint to look flawless.
1. Do prep work. Skipping preparation time is the biggest difference between professional projects and DIY. The emotional reaction that homeowners are wanting happens by getting that color on the wall, so they rush into it. The walls need to be cleaned, scraped and holes and cracks need to be repaired and completely dry before starting. Painter’s tape needs to be carefully applied as well and anything you don’t paint on should be covered.
2. Buy quality paint brushes & roller covers. Having the best paint in the world amounts to nothing if you use cheap applicators. The good brushes will allow for better coverage and will save paint. Better brushes will also last longer if you take care of them making them worth the extra cost. You also need to know the nap required to get the best coverage.
3. Use correct painter’s tape. Using masking tape instead of painter’s tape is a mistake. High-quality tape along with a putty knife or mini scraper to remove air bubbles and seal the edges will prevent drips and produce sharp clean lines.
4. Prime before painting. Skipping the primer will give you sub-par results. Primer allows for a smooth, long-lasting finish. If the surface is old and was previously covered with paint and is in good shape with a flat finish you can use paint-and-primer-in-one mixes. Painting over more difficult surfaces such as plaster, wood, concrete, glossy paint, or stained/porous drywall than a stand-alone primer is recommended before paint.
5. Use satin or semi-gloss paint for high traffic areas. Using flat paint in high traffic areas should be avoided as they are harder to clean. Washable satins or semi-gloss finishes are better for high-traffic areas like closets and the laundry room. There are durable matte finishes available too.
6. Sandpaper before painting over high gloss. It isn’t a good idea to paint over high-gloss paint without sanding it first. New paint needs some texture to adhere to, so it’s a good idea to lightly sand shiny surfaces with sandpaper and rinse with clean water before re-painting.
7. Dip the paint brush. Avoid plunging the brush all the way into the paint. You will get enough paint on the brush by going in a third of the way. Plunging your brush deep into the paint also pushes paint deep into the bristles making it harder to clean afterwards.
8. Paint top to bottom. Avoid painting aimlessly and always start near the ceiling and work your way down to catch drips along the way. Painting over mistakes later will leave marks and color streaks on the surface.
9. Use oil based primer over wallpaper. You should not paint over wallpaper with water-based paint. Always use an oil-based primer first to avoid having water-based paint reactivate the wallpaper glue and cause unsightly peeling.
10. Clean up after painting. After all that painting it’s easy to skip the cleanup. You shouldn’t do this! Protect your investment in those better brushes and clean them immediately with water and dish detergent, wrapping them in airtight plastic wrap or aluminum foil and storing them in their original packaging to hold their shape.

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Even if you avoid all these mistakes, painting can be very time-consuming and the professionals at New York Painting Services avoid them on a daily basis. Give us a call today for the best results!

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