How to Avoid Brush Strokes, Marks & Streaks When Painting Walls, Doors, Trim etc in Manhattan, NYC

Painting can be hard. You want it to look great and brushstrokes left behind can make it look bad, unless of course you’re gong for the very rustic look! It can be very difficult to get a professional finish and even the tiniest brushstrokes can give an unpleasant texture even if you can’t easily see them. You’ll need to choose the right paint, tools and technique for the job. With patience and practice, you can get the job done without those unsightly brushstrokes.

Cleaning Walls, Sanding, Priming & Other Paint Preparation Tips

To get that smooth look, the first thing that needs to be done is prepare the surface. Regardless of whether it’s a door, a piece of furniture or any other wood surface, it will need to be prepped correctly. After thoroughly cleaning, use sandpaper to get the surface smooth, starting with 150 grit sandpaper and slowly work your way up to 220 grit. The surface should be very smooth to the touch and ready for paint that is free of brushstrokes. When you’re satisfied with the surface texture, a primer should be applied. Look for one that is formulated for this kind of application. Don’t choose one that’s formulated for interior walls. When you prime before you paint, you will have a surface that is more durable and less likely to flake or peel over time. Priming also prevents wood from absorbing paint solvents that will cause it to dry out too quickly.

How to Choose Paint Colors & Finish for Your Home Interior

Choosing paint can be an overwhelming task. There are so many finishes, brands and colors to choose from and paints are not all created equally. To get a smooth finish absent of brushstrokes you’ll need to take the paints flow characteristic into account. This is the amount of flow and settling the paint will go under after its been applied. Thicker paint is more likely to leave brushstrokes behind, with ridges and bumps where thinner paint will settle out and dry more slowly giving you the result you want. Oil-based paints are a good choice for high-gloss finishes because they’re very smooth.

House Painting Methods & Techniques

Once the surface has been primed and you’ve selected the paint for the job, you need to use the right technique. It’s almost impossible to paint without leaving any brushstrokes. Wood can be forgiving if they’re small and consistent and flow with the wood grain. It’s also important to use the right brush. Use a high quality one made from natural hair. Paint rollers tend to leave a stippled look behind like the texture if an orange peel and will also require more sanding between coats, adding time to the process and wasted paint too. If you want to go this route, you’ll need to vacuum the roller before you use it to clean and remove lint, dirt and other debris that can leave marks in the paint. Another way to get professional results is to use an automotive style paint sprayer. This is hard for the average homeowner to get their hands on but if you want to invest in one, you’ll get great results.

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It’s easier said than done when it comes to getting a brushstroke-free paint job. If you’ve chosen the right paint, tools and used the right techniques, you can get a great result with trial and error … or you can just hire the professionals at New York Painting Services to get superior results. Give us a call today!

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