How Often Do Landlords Need to Paint a Rental in Glen Head, NY; Landlord Painting Requirements

There is a lot of upkeep when you are managing a rental property. Every now and then, the hard work pays off and you find those perfect tenants. One thing to consider when you are preparing a property for a new tenant is the paint. Is it your responsibility to paint the rental? Should you have the rental painted each time you get new tenants? These are all good questions. New York Painting Services is here to talk all about rental properties and how often they should be painted.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Appeals to New Tenants

Everyone likes their new home to feel fresh and new. There is no better way to achieve this goal than to have the interior of your rental painted. You will find that a fresh coat of paint appeals to almost anyone that takes a tour of your rental property. New paint takes away any dingy looking walls and replaces them with a smooth, crisp finish. You will get the most bang for your buck when you put your money towards a fresh coat of paint.

Do Landlords Have to Paint Between Tenants?

As long as your property is up to code and there aren’t any safety issues with your paint like lead, then you aren’t required to paint between every tenant. Most landlords only paint when they notice the property is looking old and worn to try and give it a facelift and better the chances of finding good tenants. That being said, there are several tenants that will pass on the property and look elsewhere for housing if they know the property hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint. You always want to check with the requirements for your area when getting a property ready for new tenants.

Choose Durable Paint for Rental Properties

When you choose the paint for your rental property, you want to choose high quality paint. If you choose cheap paint, you will likely get cheap results and end up painting more often. You will then lose any savings you made on the paint through frequency. You always get what you pay for, and it will be in your best interest to choose a high quality paint from the beginning for durability.

Partially Painting a Property

You may find that you don’t need to paint the entire property when your tenants move out. The high traffic areas might be the only areas that really need painting. In this case, you may want to save your money and do a partial paint job of the property.

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When you find yourself looking for new tenants, you want to find good ones that will take good care of your property during their contract. To find trustworthy tenants, you will need the property to look as nice as possible. The professional painting crew at New York Painting Services use only the highest quality in paint options and will give your rental property the facelift it needs to attract those golden tenants. Call us today!

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