Faux Finish Interior Painting & Glazing Techniques, Tools & Ideas in Larchmont, NY

Do you want to give your home more of a unique color and design instead of straight or solid paint? You may even want to create more depth, or a feeling of texture on your wall. This is where Faux Finishes can provide all of that. There are a number of faux finishes and color that gives home a more unique feel, stunning textures, and of course, color. New York Painting Services will share today some of the many options of faux finishes that are used in homes today.

Faux Finish Painting Techniques

Venetian Plaster – To give a home an old-world European look, the Venetian Plaster faux finishes are often used. The Venetian plaster mimics marble or stucco textures and look. Some techniques can even create a multi-dimensional look to the faux finishes by applying two layers, with the top layer with a raised texture. For those who enjoy a European architecture feel inside their home the Venetian Plaster is the best choice.
Artisan Finish – Another contribution that gives an old-European finish is the Artisan finish. The artisan finish has a marble or stone finish that can be applied to both drywall and wood surfaces. For those who want more color than the Venetian plaster, the Artisan finish uses various shades and natural hues that give your walls a natural stone finish. The Artisan finish is most popular for rustic or the natural home design. Another cool feature of Artisan finishes is in the different lighting. The hues will change giving a diverse mood throughout the day.
Manda Mudd – The Manda Mudd finish is more popularly known as a plaster finish. Manda Mudd is actually one of the most commonly used faux finishes used in homes today. Before modern techniques have improved, the Manda Mudd finishes was applied to the walls by hand. Now this faux finish is applied with a sprayer which makes it easier to apply to the home. Manda Mudd is a common texture that is used in most modern homes today.
Sandstone Finish – This faux finish gives the walls a sandstone like texture which can be easily painted over with your color of choice. Most will keep with natural shades or hues to maintain the natural look of the texture. However this texture is great for hiding imperfections on the wall and provides a great texture to the wall as well.
Brushed Suede – For those who want to give their home or a room the elegant as well as sophisticated look of suede, the brushed suede is a newly developed technique used by painters. As the name suggests, this faux finished is brushed on. Brushed suede is mostly used by those who want to have a modern design or décor. Additionally any color can be used on the surface of brushed suede faux finishes.

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These are some of the faux finishes that painters can use in homes to create a unique feel, texture and design to your home. Different faux finishes can be used in different parts of the home to give each room its own diverse look and theme. If you want a faux finish in your home, New York Painting Services can provide faux finishes in your home. Contact New York Painting Services today to schedule our services.

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