Difference Between Gloss, Satin, Eggshell & Matte Paint Finishes; What Interior Paint Finish is Best for the Walls & Ceilings in Your Manhattan NY Home

When you are ready to get your home painted, there are some things that you should look into. They are decisions that will make the outcome of your new paint either looking exactly how you wanted; or not at all like you imagined. The first thing you should do is find a professional painter in your area that has experience in painting homes. A professional can help guide you through the entire process including choosing a color scheme that will work best for you. After you have looked into hiring a professional you need to decide what rooms and walls you want to have painted. Once you have done that, look at the walls to determine any areas that need to be repaired. Even small drywall damage can make the finish job not looking its best. The professional painting company can come out and make the necessary drywall patches and repairs to prep the house for paint. Choosing a color is the next step but there is more to it. The color is only one level of the process The paint finish is just as important and needs to be considered.

New York Painting Services lists the paint finishes that you can choose from.

Gloss Paint Finish: If you want to have a paint color finish that is shiny and very sheen than this is the right choice for you. A gloss finish has a very shiny finish and is easy to clean when there are scuffs and dirt that is left on the walls from kids or other elements. This finish is not commonly used in homes in a wide expanse. Most people choose to save this finish for baseboards, crown molding, trim and pieces of furniture that are painted. If you want a finish that is simple to clean, this may be the right one for you.
Satin or Eggshell Paint Finish: This is a great choice for many kinds of homes. If you have a home that gets lots of fingerprints on the wall this can still be cleaned easily with a wash cloth and some warm water. The finish does tend to show some of the blemishes in the drywall so making sure that the repairs are done professionally is a great idea. This is a much more common finish for many people.
Matte Paint Finish: If you are looking for a flat finish that has NO shine at all when it is dry then this is for you. This finish is totally flat and the great part about it is that is hides drywall damage and blemishes on the walls really well. The bad part about this option is that it needs to be touched up often since it is hard to clean off if you get dirt on it.

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