Common Problems that Can Occur When Painting the Interior & Exterior of Your Manhattan, NYC Home; Bubbling, Cracking & Flaking Paint

There is nothing better than having a fresh coat of paint on your walls. A new color is a great way to spruce up your room and freshen up the look. You can choose colors that compliment the furniture and décor of your home. The paint on your walls can start to look dingy and dirty and cleaning will only work for so long. At some point it will be necessary to repaint the walls to ensure they are freshened up. If you think that painting your own walls is easy you should know about some of the problems that can occur. The painting process should be left to the professionals so you can get your home back in living condition.

New York Painting Services Outlines What Problems Can Occur When You Paint the Walls Inside or Outside Your Home

What Causes Paint to Bubble on Drywall & Other Surfaces on Walls & Ceilings: This is when the paint that is on the wall or ceiling starts to lift away. The space is then filled with air that leaves these small or large blisters in the fresh paint. There are two main reasons this can start to happen to you. The first is when you started to paint the walls they were not clean. The wall has to be prepared properly and all the dust and dirt needs to be cleaned before you can begin. The small particles of dirt or dust will make it so the paint cannot sit flush on the wall. Another main cause of paint bubbling is from moisture in the room or the air. The only real way to remove these bubbles and repair it is to scrape them down and sand them off. Then you can apply the coat of primer and paint. It can be a very hard process and may still end up with bubbles if it is not done right.
How to Fix Cracked or Flaking Paint: If you start to notice the paint on the walls is starting to show signs of cracks you may need to have the wall repainted. Moisture is one reason for bubbling while dryness can cause the paint to crack. The paint that dries too fast can start to crack since it did not have the proper amount of time to cure. Paint cracking also occurs when you use low quality paint. The paint has to adjust to the temperatures in the home and a good quality paint can but a bad one may not. The same process needs to happen when repairing cracks as you do when repairing bubbles. The first step is to scrape away the area that is damaged. Then have the wall cleaned, primed and painted.

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If you want to have your walls painted without any trouble you need to do it right. The painting process is important and needs to be done correctly in order to get the best results. Paint preparation is extremely important and if it is not done right you can have a plethora of problems. They can include uneven paint colors, paint cracking and bubbling.

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