Best Exterior Paint Color Palette & Trends for Commercial Offices & Buildings in White Plains, NY

When you are responsible for a commercial building you need to do a lot to maintain the building. This should be an area that invites customers and clients in and your employees to enjoy working there. One of the areas that need to be considered when you are keeping up on the commercial building is the exterior paint. The paint over time can become chipped, faded and damaged. When these start to happen it is time to repaint and to make the building look great. You always want to hire a professional when you consider painting the business so that it is done right and you are guided with color choice and type of paint. These can make the building fit in to the area while still standing apart from others.

New York Painting Services Lists Several Things to Consider When You Are Ready to Paint the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

Is The Exterior Paint Damaged: This is the first step. You want to walk around the perimeter of the building and look at the paint to determine if you can see any damage. This can be areas that look cracked or chipped and it can also be faded color spots. This can be from the sun beating down or wind and rain over a period of time. If you can see damage to the paint you want to have it prepped and repainted.
What Exterior Paint Colors Should You Choose: You want to go with colors that stands out so that your business attracts people’s attention but you want to be careful not to upset the area you are in. Out of consideration you want to stay to appropriate colors and maybe look past bright and bold colors that stand out too much. You want your would be patrons to take you seriously and know that you are a legitimate company. Try to look around at the other buildings in the area and choose a primary paint color that will compliment them. You want to also choose a secondary color that can help to add some texture and depth to the color of your commercial building. Your professional painter can come in and help you choose a color that will be best for you.
Who Should Paint My Commercial Building: If you want to have your building repainted you want to use a professional company that has expertise in commercial painting. A commercial paint job will be different from a residential paint project since it is usually a larger scale job and will need larger equipment. You also need someone that can deal with the traffic of the surrounding area and make sure that the cars and other buildings are kept protected.

Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Bronxville & White Plains New York.

If you are ready to have your commercial building repainted you can call a professional painting company that can come out and help determine if you need repainting. New York Painting Services can also use our expert color consultants to help you choose the best colors for you.

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