2017 Home Painting Color Trends in White Plains, NY; Composed, Confident & Comfort

Now that we have managed to paint our way through 2017, there are definitely many trends that are making an impression and homeowners and commercial businesses are having fun using them. New York Painting Services would like to go into the painting trends of 2017 to give you an option of incorporating them in your unique take on the interior decorating that is your own.

Paint Colors of Sophistication

Colors of sophistication are poised and ready for the three classification; Composed, Confident, and Comfort. Drawing out the inspiration from the personalities can help narrow down the options of the different colors that appeal to you.

Confident Paint Color Palettes

Confident palettes include dusky blues, lime greens, and spicy reds that entrance the attention, social type people are typically drawn to the Confident group. For the traditional that enjoy contemporary designs, earthy greens and taupe colors are ideal. The introverts might find appealing the Comfortable pale and light pinks, yellow, and blues to make small spaces shine; muted shades make for delightful accents.
Dusky Blue: Blues are never a bad thing, recalling shades of blue originating from the ocean and accenting in shades of the beach to highlight the high ceilings. To give you an idea, think nautical interior design with beautiful shades of blue complimented with pale creams.
Blue-Green: A saturated blue-green space packed with orange accents is the ideal combo to create elements of dramatic statement. With a vintage edge in modern applications, the trend is catching on.
Sunshine Yellow: A risky move, but painting the floor a lemon yellow brings feelings of happiness. Accent with neutral whites, subtle grays, and even pale oranges can create playful styles.

Composed Paint Color Schemes

Mineral Gray: Rich dark grays with softened- textured walls and solemn shades can magnify any space. Grays are a neutral color that can be accented with a plethora of shades to add kick to the traditional styles are a part of the current trends.
Light Blue-Green: Paired with black and white accessories, polished aqua, and robust teal is a delightful way to add a burst of color to many of the modernized interior design styles and is among the popular trends.
Taupe Beige & Earthy Green: Are calming trends that many people are in love with. Paired with white, this use of colors can make a space beautiful and peaceful.

Comfortable Paint Colors

Powdery Blue: Going bold with classic summery shades of aqua leaves the space grounded with dark browns, brass accents leaves a statement of sophistication.
Rose Quartz: A feminine shade that accentuates natural light combines with whites or pale color accents are trendy.
Dusted Yellow: To energize a room, consider muted gray walls and accent with soft yellows.

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With these current trends taking over homes and businesses and incorporated with various themes of interior design, you can have a unique approach that flatters the interior and compliments your personality. When it comes time to get the interior painting done, contact New York Painting Services for your consultation. Our experts will help you find the right interior design and customize it with the trendiest colors used in 2017.

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