Flood & Water Damage Leak Repair of Ceilings & Walls

New York Painting Services has been hired to help commercial businesses and residential homes with a plethora of services since 2004. Being fully licensed and insured, our team of experts is often called upon in time of dire need. Flooding, for instance, can cause extensive damages, and if not treated quickly and efficiently, can be the beginning to mold outbreaks. New York Painting Services skilled technicians takes full advantage of exclusive professional grade equipment, tools, supplies and products, in conjunction with experience, advanced training and talents, New York Painting Services give your Greater New York area home or business, premium services.

Flood & Water Damage Leak Repair of Ceilings & Walls

Flood damage can affect your Greater New York are commercial business, or residential homes in many different ways. Heavy rainfall, malfunctioning appliances or damaged water lines are a few examples. And with these scenarios, the ceiling and walls to your home or business could require a professional to replace the damages to get your building in pristine condition once again. Water can be a destructive force and once it interacts with the drywall that is the foundation of your ceiling and walls, it can not only create quite an eye sore, but with enough volume, the damage caused to the wallboard can collapse and fall apart. New York Painting Services experts know that this unexpected circumstance can put Greater New York business owners and homeowners in a bind, and quick repairs and responses are drastically needed. When you invest in New York Painting Services to repair your flood damaged ceilings and walls, you can be rest assured that our team of professionals will complete this service as quickly as possible with still supplying your home or business with superior results.

Causes of Flood & Water Damage

New York Painting Services professionals will find the root of the problems that has contributed to the flood damage to begin the process. Plumbing network can run high volumes of water to the various locations, if a leak is sprung, or an appliance, sink, toilet, or pipe has malfunctioned, we will find the source. A leaky rook could also be the issue at hand, with pools of water weighing down a faulty area, the sudden pressure could lose the hold and now the water has flooded your leaving your walls and ceilings in much needed repair. Our competent and skillful technicians will locate the problem, and make the necessary repairs.

Drywall Replacement

Once the flooding has been obscured and necessary repairs made, New York Painting Services pros will begin the process and remove the flood damaged ceiling and wall sections of drywall. Ensuring the necessary protective gear is in place, and the room(s) is adjusted to avoid additional damages, our crew members remove the compromised drywall. Once the infected sections of drywall are removed from the ceiling and walls, new durable and high graded materials are used to replace and repair where needed.

Texture, Priming & Interior Painting

Following, the ceiling is treated with the matching texture where it blends in undetected by our skilled professionals. Priming and painting begins with meticulous and pristine detail to get your walls and ceilings as they once were.

Painting Cleanup

Cleanup is then executed to remove all debris and equipment. New York Painting Services supervisors inspect another successful premium ceiling and wall flood damage repair services. If your Greater New York area commercial businesses or residential home has been the victim of water flooded damages, you need the leading experts on your side. Call us today to get started!

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